Terms and Conditions of Ticket Sales and Use for China Open
1. 请仔细阅读本须知的全部条款。任何购买、持有或使用门票的人均被认为已经阅读、理解并接受了本须知全部条款。如果您违反了本须知里的任何一项,中国网球公开赛组委会(以下简称“组委会”)有权拒绝您入场或要求您离开场馆并不退款。
Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Anyone who purchases, holds or uses a ticket for the China Open shall be deemed as having read, understood and accepted all terms and conditions of ticket sales and use. In the event that you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions, the Organizing Committee for the China Open(OCCO) shall reserve the right to refuse your entry, or shall request that you leave a venue, without any guarantee of refund.

2. 购票时请确认场次、场馆和座席等信息。门票一经售出,除非法律规定或组委会明确告知,概不退换。门票不能被转手或交易。除非组委会事先书面批准,门票不能被用于任何政治、宗教或商业目的,否则持票人可能被拒绝入场并不会获得退款。
Please check the session and seating information while purchasing tickets. No refund or exchange will be offered on any ticket including the complementary tickets except as announced by OCCO or where required by law. No reselling or trading of tickets is permitted. The admission of the ticket holder to the China Open may be denied, without any guarantee of refund, if the ticket is used for any political, religious or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of OCCO.

3. 请在指定购票渠道购票,由于任何形式造成门票或芯片损毁的情况以及并非购自中网推广公司票务中心及其他授权销售网点的入场票券,持票人均可能会被拒绝入场并不会获得退款。
Please purchase the ticket from official channels. Any damage to the ticket or the intellectual chip could cause failure to the entry of the ticket holder. The entry to the China Open could also be denied, without any guarantee or refund, if tickets are not purchased from the Ticketing Center of the China Open Promotions Limited (COL) or other authorized points of sale.

4. 中国网球公开赛竞赛日程在受到恶劣天气等原因的影响下可能进行调整。组委会有权在未经事先告知的情况下推迟、延期、调整或取消比赛的进行。
The Competition Schedule of the China Open is subject to change if necessary, without notice, due to adverse weather or other reasons. OCCO reserves the right to cancel, withdraw, postpone, relocate or reschedule players to protect the interests of players or patrons.

5. 门票每券一人,对号入座。组委会工作人员有权安排观众坐无人坐的席位。请勿妨碍他人观看比赛。
Please sit at your designated seat in the reserved seating courts and follow the reasonable directions given by China Open employees, volunteers, agents and contractors. You must not disturb or obstruct others in watching games.

6. 钻石球场及莲花球场谢绝1.1米及以下婴幼儿入场。身高1.1米以上儿童须购票入场;身高1.1米及以下婴幼儿可免票进入国家网球中心场院区但须有监护人陪同。
Children with height less than 1.1m are not allowed to enter into seating areas of Diamond & Lotus Court. Children with height more than 1.1m should buy the full price tickets; Children with height less than 1.1 meter are admitted free entry to the China Open ground area but must be accompanied by their guardians.

7. 场院主入口开放时间为10:30,场馆入场时间不早于该场馆比赛开赛前1小时,晚场比赛开赛时间可能因日场比赛未完成而推迟。请配合工作人员进行安全检查,听从公安和现场工作人员的指挥。
Spectator entrance opens not earlier than 2 hours before the first match of the day session starts. Ticketed courts open not earlier than 1 hour before the first match of the session starts. Your cooperation is appreciated when security check is necessary. Access to the Diamond Court night session may be delayed due to the day session match runs late.

8. 严禁携带易燃易爆物品和管制刀具等危险品入场。禁止携带软硬包装饮料(医疗原因除外)、荧光棒、一次性打火机、大型箱包、旗杆、展开面积超过2米×1米的旗帜、未经授权的横幅和标语、专业摄影设备和支架、动物(服务类动物除外)、除婴儿车与轮椅之外的代步工具、其他任何影响赛事顺利进行或妨碍他人观赛的物品入场。
You must not carry restricted articles into the venue, such as flammable and explosive articles, containers, musical instruments, beverages (whether in soft or hard containers, except for medical reasons), lighter, large-scale suitcases, flag poles, flags larger than 2×1 meters in size, signs, banners, unauthorized professional photographic equipment and tripod, animals (except for those providing services),transportation vehicles, devices or equipment (other than strollers and wheelchairs), and any other articles that may affect the smooth and orderly progress of the session.

9. 场馆内禁止吸烟。
No smoking.

10. 禁止向场内投掷任何物品,禁止踩踏桌椅及刻意损毁场馆内所有建筑设施,请勿翻越隔离设施。未经组委会授权,赛场禁止使用闪光灯拍照、禁止录像及使用笔记本电脑。
You must not throw any object into the field of play. You must not cause any willful damage to any part of the venue. You are not permitted to cross the fencing. The use of flash and laptop is prohibited in spectator seating areas of all courts, without the prior consent of OCCO.

11. 请勿干扰、妨碍或阻止组委会及赞助商工作人员在比赛期间的正常工作。
You must not interfere with, obstruct or hinder China Open employees, volunteers, agents or contractors in the exercise of their power, functions or duties during the China Open.

12. 任何扰乱现场活动秩序和违反中国法律法规的行为都是被禁止的,包括但不限于集体使用或穿戴带有明显商业标志的包、服装或各类物品,未经授权的宣传展示活动和筹集资金的行为。
Any behavior that will disrupt the smooth and orderly progress of the matches is forbidden. Any promotional activity or display for commercial purposes obtaining financial benefit, without the prior written consent of OCCO is prohibited.

13. 比赛期间请勿随意走动、大声喧哗,请将手机等响闹设备置于静音状态。请勿在通道滞留。
Standing or walking in the seating area is not permitted until end of games or between matches. Standing in the aisles is not permitted. Please switch your mobile phone to mute mode.

14. 比赛进行期间请勿在看台座席区内打开雨伞。
You are not permitted to open umbrellas in the seating areas of all courts while there are matches in progress.

15. 您同意在中国网球公开赛现场被组委会或其指定的第三方拍照、摄影或录音等,并许可上述人员转播、出版、许可使用或使用您的上述记录,而不必给予您任何补偿或因为该使用而对您承担任何责任。
You consent to be photographed, filmed and taped by the OCCO and the authorized third parties. Meanwhile, you agree that the OCCO and the authorized third parties can broadcast, publish, license and use the above materials without giving you any compensation or assuming any liabilities to you.

16. 您使用摄影机、录像机或录音设备或任何其他设备记录的中国网球公开赛的图像和声音等只能被用于私人的、非商业目的。
Images, videos and sound recordings of the China Open taken by you with a camera, video camera or audio equipment or any other kind of equipment may not be used for any purpose other than private, non-commercial purposes.

17. 比赛期间禁止通过任何设备制作、发布任何形式的中国网球公开赛比赛影像、声音、数据、比分、分析或评论。
Making or distribution of any images, sounds, data, results, statistics or commentary of the China Open by any means in any format or media is forbidden.

18. 比赛期间(任何一场比赛从始至终)禁止任何带有商业或博彩性质的对比分或相关统计数据的收集、传输、转播或发布行为。任何疑似从事上述行为的持票观众都将被要求立即离开中国网球公开赛现场并禁止再次进入。
No ticket holder may continually collect, disseminate, transmit, publish or release from the grounds of the Tournament any match scores or related statistical data during match play (from commencement of a match through its conclusion) for any commercial, betting or gambling purpose. Any person suspected of conducting these activities will be removed from the tournament venue and banned from future attendance.

19. 赛事结束后,请尽快依序退场,请勿在场内滞留。
You must not remain in the ticketed courts after the session is ending. Please follow the direction of OCCO employees, volunteers to exit orderly.

20. 如遇争议,中网组委会拥有最终解释权。
In case of any dispute, OCCO reserves the right of final interpretation to these terms and conditions.